Make your reservation

Make your reservation with us for your stay in Gotland!  Go to this page and enter your preferences, to get offers and exact prices. We offer camping for caravans, mobile homes and tents as well as cabins.

Please note that for week 27 (the Almedalen week) it is better to reach out to us via email for cabin reservations.

Also take in to consideration that if you come by car you also need to reserve a parking space for your car. If it appears to be full, then please search day by day to see what´s available.

Please note that  if you bring a large caravan or mobile home you need to make a reservation for our bigger plots of 10*10 meters. If you have a caravan or a mobile home of a length of 9,5 meters or more, you need to reserve our 10*12 meter plot, please reach out to our booking service to reserve this plot. (Our normal sized plots are 8*8 meters).  We follow the security standard of at least 4 meters between neighbors.