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The closest store is “ICA Kometen” on Lummelundsväg och “ICA Torgkassen” in the center of Visby. You can also in advance, from home or while you stay with us, order online and have it delivered to us (delivery the next day at the earliest). Read more here: Grocery shopping online ››

We kindly ask you not to use the car on the premises except between 06.00 – 23.00. Please also keep the speed at maximum 10 km/h.

The cancellation fee is 10 % of the total amount until 30 days before arrival. Cancellations made within 30 days from the arrival day will be charged with the full amount of the reservation.

Camping card – member of Camping Key Europe.
We prefer if our guests are members of Camping Key Europe.

We have Europe standard electricity  CEE (1-phase, 230v, IP44) with RCD:s. Adapters are available for purchase in the reception.

Ferry & Airplane
You can travel to Gotland via ferry or airplane. The ferry goes in to port in Nynäshamn, Visby and Västervik.

Destination Gotland – Ferry ››
SAS- Airline ››
BRA – Airline››

We have designated barbecue areas if you wish to have a barbecue. We do not permit one time barbecue sets anywhere else either. Please consider our environment and avoid buying one time sets and go for the charcoal and lighter fluid instead ;).

Right next to us, on the beach, you can find an outside gym. Who wouldn’t want to do some exercise next to the sea?! The gym is not ours though, and if you wish to do some indoor exercise, go check out: Visby Form Visborg ››, Gym 1 ›› or Visby Gym inne i Visby ››

You can bring your pet if you are camping. In our “Lillstugan”, the small cabins of 10 square meters we allow pets but not in our other cabins. We prefer if you take your pets to relieve them selves outside Visby Strandby.

Rental cars and bikes
Our reception is happy to help you make reservations for rental cars and bikes. We have our own rental bikes on the premises but you can also find rental bikes by “Österport” and by the harbor.

Checking in and out
For our camping guests check- in is at the earliest 14.00 on you arrival day and check- out at the latest 12.00 on the day of your departure. For our cabin guests check- in is at the earliest 15.00 on you arrival day and check- out at the latest 11.00 on the day of your departure.

Map over Visby strandby – camping by the sea!

Please note that you can request a certain plot via email but unfortunately we can make no guarantees.

The reception offer a small range of candy, ice cream, sodas and some breakfast items during our opening hours.

Right next to us in the hotel Novi resort you will find a bar and restaurant. Right next to us, during summer, you can also find a restaurant on the beach. A few kilometers north there is a great Italian restaurant with good pizzas for example. Don´t gorget that we are very close to Visby city with many many great restaurants, bars and cafes.


We are always open! For a manned reception se opening hours below:
1/1 – 30/4  –  Self check- in
1/5 – 13/6  –   Open 15.00-17.00
14/6-25/6 –  Open 13.00-18.00
26/6– 10/8 –  Open 09.00-19.00
11/8 – 31/8 –  Open 13.00-18.00
1/9 – 31/12 –  Self check- in

If you arrive during periods of self check- in, please contact us at 0498-212157, well in beforehand, for instructions on how to check- in.

To be able to stay with us in our camping you need a SCR camping card. The card can be purchased at our reception, but we suggest that you order it in beforehand via the SCR home page. If you plan to stay in our cabins you do not need the card however.

School trips
During spring and fall, or just in the beginning or end of summer, we are happy to accommodate school trips.

Cleaning your cabin upon departure
All guests wish to enter a clean cabin upon arrival. This means that when you leave the cabin you need to leave it in the same clean condition as when you arrived. But if you wish to, you can purchase cleaning from us instead, the price is from 500kr You can order cleaning when you make your reservation or when you arrive. If you order cleaning later than upon arrival an extre fee of 150kr applies. Even if you order cleaning you however still need to do your dishes and carry out your garbage, but please check with the reception what applies to you. If you leave the cabin without cleaning it and without ordering cleaning we will charge you 2000kr.

Garabge and latrine 
You can empty your latrine (Caravans and mobile homes) in our designated latrine emptying room. On Gotland we sort our trash into compost and burnable trash, as well as glass, paper, plastics and metal. We expect all of our guests to comply and sort your trash as well. We have a well marked compound where you can sort and throw away your trash. Thank you for considering our environment!

Requests of specific cabins or plots
Please note that you can request a certain cabin or plot via email but unfortunately we can make no guarantees.

Sheets and towels
If you wish to rent sheets and towels, please let us know at the time of your reservation. Please remember to specify how many sets you need.

Local transport

To and from Visby there are busses, please see more:  Gotlands lokaltrafik ›› Time tables in Swedish: turlista för Gotlands lokaltrafik ››.
If you prefer to travel by taxi we recommend that you use Taxi Visby: 0498-207070, Taxi Gotland: 0498-200200 or Taxi Kurir: 0498-50000. A trip to Visby center is about 100kr.


Official Gotland visit guide ››
Turistinformation ››
Slite Strandby – A special little village in the north
Björkhaga Strandby – A lovely place south of Visby

We have washing machines for rent for a small fee, our reception are happy to help you make a reservation.

Age limit
We have an age limit of 18 years. We may however make an exception in contact with parents or guardians. Between the weeks of 27- 32 we take a deposit upon arrival for guests under the age of 25 years.

We offer free wifi throughout the whole area up to a certain amount (you can check emails, Facebook and so on). If you however wish to watch movies or require a larger amount of data to be sent, you can purchase more data in our reception.

Grocery store: 1 km
Center of Visby: 1 km
Airport: 3 km
Harbor: 2 km
ATM: 500 m
Beach: 35-400 m
Restaurant: 150-300 m